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A Baptist Church That Cares in Dardanelle, AR

Are you looking for a loving community of fellow Baptist Christians?
If so, join the friendly members of Ard Community Baptist Church in Dardanelle, AR. Our doors are open to long-time church members and newcomers alike. We invite everyone to share the Word of Jesus Christ, worship God and His teachings, and celebrate the life blessings He has given us.

The Arkansas River Valley Baptist Association

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Come today or call us at (501) 757-2975 to ask about our Bible Study and Worship services.

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Bible Based & Mission Oriented

As a Bible-based church, we at Ard Community Baptist Church believe that the Bible was written by men inspired and moved by the Word of God, composed of God’s teachings and beliefs, and is the central document in which we should worship and live our lives under Him. Our mission opportunities send this belief with our disciples to different parts of the land to spread God’s Word. 

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Join a community that cares by coming into the arms of Ard Community Baptist Church. Join us as we worship God and practice His teachings, then spread His Word to the people around us. We would love to welcome you to our Sunday worship service and community events. Come in today or call us.

(501) 757-2975